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Diamond Pool Deck in Charleston

The pool deck design features custom concrete diamond pavers
The team installs the pool deck designs
A close-up look at pool coping tiles and concrete pavers around pool
The pool deck design by aqua blue pools was built at the battery charleston sc
Overhead view of the custom concrete tile and pool coping pavers

Charleston, SC

Aqua Blue Pools

Nestled in the historic Battery district of downtown Charleston, SC, stands an award-winning plunge pool project that exemplifies artistry and innovation.

A unique argyle pattern is a striking feature of this project and sets the pool deck apart in an area renowned for its architectural charm. Measuring 20 feet by 15 feet in size, this plunge pool beckons with its elegant color palette, combining Chaparelle and Low Country Green to create a soothing and inviting oasis.

Creating this pool deck was no ordinary task, as it involved working in a very limited space and overcoming challenging access constraints. Specialized delivery methods were employed to ensure the safe arrival of custom mold pavers, tailored to the unique vision of the project.

Incorporating diamond pavers, pool coping tiles, and concrete pavers around the pool, Harstone meticulously executed the pool deck designs in collaboration with Aqua Blue Pools. The Battery in Charleston, SC, now boasts an exceptional pool deck design, featuring custom concrete tiles that have elevated the art of pool construction in the heart of this historic city.