Maintenance & Care

Our hand-crafted concrete tiles are low-maintenance and provide utility and beauty for decades


It is important to keep traffic off the Hartstone during installation. Once installed, cleaned, and sealed, Hartstone is easily maintained with a simple cleaning regimen.

We Recommend

Covering the tiles with protective sheeting prior to sealing to avoid unnecessary soiling of the surface during landscaping

Never using acids or pressure-washers

Using only a soft bristle broom or brush for sweeping and cleansing

Outdoor Clorox for removing mold, mildew, dirt, and most stains

Warm water & Dawn dishwashing detergent for oil and more stubborn stains


Sealing should be completed after installation and cleaning.


For Hartstone products that are installed outside and exposed to rain and sun, we require that you use a penetrating sealer, such as our specially developed sealer Hartstone UP90, to maintain the lifetime warranty of the product. Hartstone UP90 sealer is a natural stone sealer with no more than 20% solids. It goes on like water, dries instantly, does not change the color or sheen of the product, and helps mortar joints repel moisture.

The Benefits

Provides timeless performance when done every 3-5 years*

Helps prevent staining and makes surface easier to clean

Further stabilizes joint sand and minimizes loss

Helps prevent efflorescence

*typical timeline for any pavement or natural stone surface

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