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Beach Front Patio and Staircase

The whole hardscape is done in white concrete
Bird's-eye view of the pool hardscape
Coping pavers for pools
A look at the swimming pool pavers tiles
White concrete pavers match the coping pavers
Paver stepping stones on the balcony
Top-down view of the spiral concrete staircase
A close-up of the spiral staircase treads
The balcony has custom balusters to match the custom staircase
Concrete pavers on the balcony sport a stylish overhang
White Concrete pavers make up the patio and balcony area
a close-up look at the concrete tread design

Florida Panhandle


This three-story contemporary beachfront patio fuses hurricane-resistant durability with style.

Every piece of this seaside castle was custom-made and fit to design. Because of the site’s location, the project needed to utilize hurricane-resistant materials, while remaining contemporary and visually stunning. Hartstone developed both the interior and exterior of this project using pour-in-place ultra-white concrete to fortify and unify the build.

The pool was constructed using swimming pool paver tiles and an ultra-white pool hardscape, opening up the space. The water and the white of the tile catch the light and contribute to the luxurious feeling of swimming in an open space with clear water. The luxurious theme extends with white concrete pavers lining the balcony, and paver stepping stones providing a direct pathway from the pool to the ocean.

The spiraled concrete staircase that parallels the side of the deck is complete with a custom concrete tread design, adding a final touch of elegance to this captivating beachfront paradise.