Terms and Conditions

In the best interest of our customers and company, we offer full transparency and clarification of our bid intent.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They supersede any conflicting annotations on plans or specifications.


A signed contract and deposit are required to initiate any order. No fabrication will begin without a signed contract and deposit. When possible, the signed contract shall include the color & texture selections. Color & texture selections are to be communicated in writing prior to initiating an order. For Architectural Shapes & Furniture orders, shop drawings will begin upon receipt of signed contract & deposit. However, no mold making or fabrication work for Architectural Shapes & Furniture orders will be initiated until receipt of signed approval drawings, and corresponding progress payment.

Payments + Collections

We accept checks or credit card. Credit card payments will be charged an additional 2.5% fee for processing. Invoices on progress payments are due immediately upon receipt, and material will not ship until receipt of progress payment. Financing charges of 1.5% will be added to all invoices for payments not received within 30 days. Interest charges will accrue until balance is paid in full.

Hartstone reserves the right the file all liens on property with outstanding balances. Hartstone reserves the right to add any costs associated with collection cost, including legal fees, on balances outstanding beyond 30 days./

Any material delivered and installed will be considered acceptable and payment will be due as agreed upon. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to inspect all material prior to installation.

Payment Schedule

Orders Less Than $1500:

  • Payment in full is required to initiate production

Orders Between $1500 – $50,000:

  • 50% deposit to initiate order
  • 50% progress payment upon fabrication completion and prior to shipment

Order More Than $50,000:

  • 30% deposit to initiate order
  • Progress payments will equal 60% of total order divided by the number of deliveries planned and is due prior to each shipment
  • 10% balance due within 30 days of final delivery

Lead-time + Manufacturing

Mold fabrication and production schedule will not proceed until after we receive approved shop drawings and texture & color selection (in writing). Material will be cast in accordance with industry standards and applicable APA, PCI, and ASTM and/or APA standards & tolerances. Production lead-times vary throughout the year and are subject to current order volume. Fabrication slots will not be reserved. Orders are expedited with additional mold work and/or production overtime. Expedited orders are subject to additional fees.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings will not be initiated until after receipt of signed contract & deposit. Contractor must supply all applicable updated construction plans and documents before shop drawings can commence. Shop drawings are executed on a first come first serve basis and turn-around time will vary on complexity of project and current order volume. Shop drawings will include unit identification, payout plan, and suggested connection details, in accordance with standard industry practices. Shop drawings must be reviewed and approved by purchaser prior to scheduling fabrication. Any product made with approved shop drawing which does not fit field conditions or owner’s intent is not the responsibility of Hartstone. The purchaser will provide field dimensions, if necessary. Installer or purchaser will be responsible for any cutting or grinding required in an effort to satisfy field modifications or conditions not noted on plans.

Installation Material

No installation is included or implied from Hartstone. No stone anchors, clips, angles, bolts, dowels, shims, etc. or any other loose installation items are included nor will be included with proposal regardless of statements on plans or specifications. Cast in items such as weld plates and inserts are included provided they are specifically called for by the architect on the architectural plans.


Variations in color, texture, and shading from piece to piece are not considered defects and are inherent qualities of natural and cast stone. We use the same color formulas for every batch of material processed but due to the color variations inherent in raw materials, and texture variations due to the unique hand-crafting of each piece, variation in color & texture can and should be expected. This slight variation should be expected and is part of the desirable organic aesthetic only achieved with natural materials and hand-fabrication. Minor chipping and cracking from shipment and/or handling shall not be grounds for rejection. We follow the APA guidelines for issues regarding color uniformity. As prescribed by these standards all precast materials should be viewed from a distance of 20 feet to review color, surface finish and patches/repairs.

Shipment + Inspection Upon Delivery

Delivery is not included unless otherwise specified by Hartstone. Deliveries are calculated on loads up to 40,000#. If partial loads are required by the contractor, additional charges (at cost) will be applied to cover these expenses. Deliveries must be during normal business hours, weekdays. Trucks delayed for longer than two hours may be subject to demurrage charges. Unloading and installation will be by others. We do not unload nor install any material at the jobsite.

All material shipped will be finished and undamaged. All reasonable precautions are taken in packaging/crating to prevent shipping damage. Purchaser will have 10 days to inspect material once it has been delivered to jobsite. If you accept material upon delivery and find damage upon inspection please photograph and save all pieces and packaging to assist us with your claim. We will typically replace any broken material due to shipping when notified within 10 day inspection period. All damage claims will be remade at the discretion of Hartstone. Any repairs due to damage or discoloration occurring during unloading, onsite storage or installation will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Project Take-off + Bid

Our quotes are good for 90 days and may be withdrawn at any time prior to written acceptance. Only the items shown and/or described within our proposal/quote (by either linear footage or unit quantity) are supplied. Alterations, deviations and changes to this quotation involving additional costs will require a change order. Hartstone will bid only what we determine is within our scope of capabilities for custom architectural concrete.

General Terms

Harstone shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any delay caused by an act of neglect of the purchaser, architect, other trades, common carriers, weather, Acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Harstone. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, availability of materials or delays beyond the control of Hartstone. We reserve the right to decline or terminate any project/order, regardless of state, when purchaser does not comply with the above terms of our proposal. Cancellation of a purchase order without cause may result in termination fees depending on the stage of the production/shop drawings at time of cancellation. All sales are final and absolutely no returns will be accepted.