Omni Hotel Nashville

The deck pavers are smooth and reserved
The pool deck pavers of the Pedestal pool deck are minimalist and classy style pool pavers
The coping pavers meld right into the rest of the deck pavers
The pool coping pavers help divide lounge space while the pool coping tiles blend into the pool
The deck pavers help divide up the lounge space around the pool
With help from Hawkins Partners we have updated the pavers around pool
Every tile was customized to fit its unique application Pedestal pool deck

Nashville, TN

Hawkins Partners, Inc.

This special pool deck is elevated 20 stories from ground level at the Omni Hotel in Nashville. Our team coordinated with freight elevator and crane schedules to deliver pavers, slab steps, and pool coping to the site. Every tile was customized to fit its unique application to the pedestals manufactured by Bison Pedestal. Our team worked fluidly to adjust to this project’s unknowns and to respond with custom solutions within the eight-week timeline.