Backyard Pool and Patio

The wall cladding on this hardscape also supports a waterfall feature
The tile risers around the pool keep the pavement try from unruly splashes
Like many of our Hardscape designs, this property has a prominent water feature
The wall cladding of this garden draws the eye to its level and towards topiary
Tile risers allow for a split-level space
Tile stair risers add a whole new level to the space
Available hardscape designs include grass block pavers

Atlanta, GA

Floralis Garden Design

This project in midtown Atlanta features large format slabs (36″x72″) that took our team six weeks to fabricate. Close collaboration with the architect enabled our team to manufacture the slabs carefully to their needs and the specifications of the turf. We also worked closely with Chattahoochee Pools to fit the pool with coping, wall cladding, and tiled stair risers.