From above, the full layout of pavers around pool and pool coping pavers is extensive
The uncovered backyard lounging pool has built-in lights for evening use
The deck pavers come right up to the backyard pool house lounge
This backyard leisure pool features built-in loungers
The uncovered backyard leisure pool has its own fireplace
One of the backyard leisure pools is built into the main pool itself
The Backyard entertainment space features a sunken conversation pit
The backyard entertainment space is aligned with the pool deck pavers of the swimming pool
The backyard leisure pools are encased in the same pool coping tiles
These offset deck pavers extend beyond just the poolside and let some grass into the space
This backyard oasis with pool deck pavers is elegant and relaxing
The pool coping pavers help create a walkway between leisure pools and dry seating
This leisure pool is tiled in the same pool pavers as the main pool
Coping pavers give the backyard oasis lots of spots for topiary

North Texas

Randy Angell Designs

Our team fabricated and delivered custom pavers and coping to this backyard oasis in North Texas. We worked alongside artificial turf to create a durable driveway that doesn’t skimp on aesthetic appeal. The pool deck, pool coping, and floating steps give luxurious dimension to this intimate backyard experience.